Magic Moments

Founded in 1984, Magic Moments is dedicated to making the non-medical dreams come true for children who, because of unfortunate illnesses, are being deprived of a normal childhood. Throughout Alabama thousands of magic moments have come alive through magic Moments. As life altering childhood illnesses grow, so grow the need for more magic moments to bring joy and excitement in times of stress and challenge. To help bring more awareness to the mission and needs of Magic Moments, Slaughter Group joined the journey in creating the new brand identity. Crafting the core brand mission and brand promise lead immediately to core brand communications.

The new brandmark for Magic Moments is actually made up of moments. Each moment is made up of colors. To visually and magically make the mark move with time, each moment in the mark was programmed to move moment by moment. The mark changes every second and changes again every minute and returns to its original form on the hour. The undeniable truth is that every moment counts. Every moment should be magical. When you see it, you’ll believe it.

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